Friday, June 25, 2010

What would you do with $1,000, about buying a baseball card?

Baseball card collecting has now reached the ultimate in absolute stupidity.

One card, one simple piece of cardboard inserted into a pack of baseball cards, signed by a player, and its the only one, the only one of that card.

Now, there is more than one of this card, but what makes this card unique is...are you has a "red" border, and it's a signed card...that's it...there are more of that basic card around, they just don't have that 1/1 "red" border.

That card is now being bid on...on eBay...the current price...


Yep, that's right...$999.999...for a baseball card...of a player who has pitched in exactly 3 big league games...Steven Strasburg.

The person, and persons who are bidding for this card...if indeed they intend to pay that much, cannot be of sound matter what they tell you. 

Do they think they are going to be able to sell the card for a profit...they paid a million dollars for the card!

The only sane person involved here is the fortunate person who opened up that pack of cards with the Strasburg card inside. He's going to collect a pile of money for a simple few the American dream.

I just don't get it...why...why on earth would you pay one million dollars for a piece of's not even a year's just simply stupid...idiotic, and the reason that collecting baseball cards is now completely out of hand.

Forget that for a million dollars you could buy a 1952 Mickey Mantle, a 1954 Hank Aaron, a 1954 Al Kaline, a 1963 Pete Rose, a 1968 Nolan Ryan...and still have $900,000 left, but if you have a million dollars just laying around, then why don't you give that money to charity, to a children"s hospital, to the Veteran's of our country who need medical cars, or to take care of their families. 
Baseball cards are supposed to be made for the enjoyment of young kids, and baseball fans who enjoy putting together card sets, who enjoy collecting card of their favorite trading cards with each other..."hey, what do you want for that Steven Strasburg, I've got a Jason Heyward RC, a Albert Pujols RC, a Tim Lincecum RC, and a Ubaldo Jimenez RC, and oh, yeah, here's a Ken Griffey, JR about trading?

"Ok, sure, just add $999,000 and it's a done deal."

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