Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Mailbox

Today is Monday, June 21st, the first day of summer.

It is also day 2 of Vacation Bible School at our church....14 First Grade Boys being taught about God by my wife Tracy, and the volunteers of our church.

I only bring this up because we will be doing this all week, and so my time will be focused on the young boys learning about God, and the baseball cards will have to go on hold, although I did by some Topps Series 2 cards over the weekend, and yesterday my boy Chihuahua did get me a pack of Topps Opening Day and a pack of Topps Series 2 for Father's Day...yes, my wife bought the cards, and signed my dog's name. I will get to them in a later post.

Today I did receive a long awaited card, and one I wanted very much...

...thanks to Kishi, via ebay, for my beautiful 2007 Bowman Heritage Prospects BHP 37 Brennan Boesch.

The Brennan Boesch Collection now exists of two cards now...the first 2 of what I hope will be a great adventure, the collecting of a great young Tiger outfielder's baseball cards, renewing my energy and love of my Detroit Tigers, my favorite baseball team for over 40 years.

If you have any Brennan Boesch cards, or Tiger cards in general, feel free to leave a message about the cards you have, and what you would like in return.

p.s. check out the daily contest from Grand Cards...he's giving away a bunch of his cards. Every day he will let collectors know what's up for grabs, and the best deal will win that day's cards. It's a great thing being done by a cool guy, and a fantastic Tiger fan...dig out those Granderson cards and good luck.



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