Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello from the World Golf Village

You never know who will enter your life...

                Mr. Alvarez is our host this weekend here in St. Augustine for a weekend marriage seminar. He and his wife are super people. We are truly blessed to have met Jose, who played in parts of 4 big league seasons with the Atlanta Braves, posting a 8-9 career record, with a 2.99 era.

For you die hard Braves fans, I found these card listings for Jose.

1989 Upper Deck #734
1989 Topps #253
1989 Fleer #585
1989 Donruss # 405(pictured to the left)
                                       1990 Upper Deck #634
                                       1990 Fleer Regular #574
                                       1990 Donruss #389

Starting Sunday night, I will be adding Mr. Alvarez to my card collection. Again, you never know who will be put into your path, maybe even a big league ball player.


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