Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm moving, want some baseball cards?

I'm moving this coming week, and this weekend I'm going through everything in my house.

I am going to keep my Detroit Tigers cards, and a few others...I found a 2010 A&G RC of Buster Posey, but then I'm going to separate everything else by team.

If you'd like to trade for your favorite team, just leave me a comment and when I've moved I'll start to go down the list. 1st come, etc.

One thing, if you have any Brennan Boech cards, or cards of my favorite player, Bill Freehan, you will have special consideration.

I have so many cards that I've just kept in storage boxes, and it's time to get them to someone else now.

Let's do some trades, what do you say.

Thanks, John