Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Topps Million Card Giveaways

As most baseball card collectors in 2010, I ventured into the Topps Million Card Giveaway redemption program, and even though I cannot afford to buy a lot of cards, I have unlocked 6 code cards, none of which were very good.

I did pull a 1968 card of a Cincinnati catcher, but I cannot remember his name, as I traded the card.

I did trade most of the cards I opened, getting a 1970 and a 1972 Bill Freehan.
..MY BOYHOOD HERO...and NOT TRADEABLE...which I have received from Topps...
 Both Freehan cards were in great shape...thanks to Topps.

a 1971 Les Cain..

...a 2003 Brandon Inge...

...and a 2005 Carlos Guillen...


I also acquired 1989 and 1990 Alan Trammell cards.


 I have traded for all the cards that I now have, with the exception of the very first card I redeemed...a 1978 Pablo Torrrealba, a pitcher for the Oakland A's.

I have tried in vain to trade this card since day one, but I just cannot get anyone to pull the trigger.

If any A's fans, or guys collecting 1978 cards need this to add to their collections, please let me know.

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